How do you Drizzle?

"What do you use drizzle on?"  
"How do you cook with it?"  
You can use drizzle on just about anything! Sometimes our customers come up with recipes and uses that you might just not think about otherwise, so here are some suggestions!  
Try our Almond Champagne and Carolinas' Carmel Drizzle in COFFEE! 
Blackberry Merlot as a breakfast topping for oatmeal, hot cereal, pancakes, or waffles. Create a Blackberry Merlot mushroom and onion sauce, and serve with your favorite beef or poultry.  Also try on green beans and other vegetables.  
Candy Apple makes everyday seem like Christmas Morning when you have it over a warm buttered biscuit! 
White Wine and Garlic, Creamy Parmesan, and Lemon Garlic Drizzle are all extremely versatile. Try as a dipping drizzle for breadsticks or bake on your favorite loaf of bread;  Serve over your favorite pasta; Over chicken and fish before or after cooking; in mashed or baked potatoes; and over your favorite vegetables.  
Try our Honey Whiskey, Apple Smoked Whiskey or Blackberry Honey Whiskey drizzle with your favorite steak or add it to your burger! 
Try our "Jalapeno" family of drizzles on an endless variety of things! Mix it into hamburger before cooking - for mouthwatering Hawaiian Burgers, Meatloaf, and Meatballs! Try over your favorite grilled meats and vegetables; especially gilled salmon, shrimp, and prawns. Try mixing some in with your tuna or chicken salad - you will never eat plain old sandwiches again ! 
Caribbean Breeze will whisk you off to the islands and jazz up your burgers and chicken!  
Peach Cobbler is wonderful over ice cream, warm pound cake, and as a flavoring in iced tea! 
Raspberry Chipotle makes a wonderful salad dressing! Awesome over grilled beef and pork! 
Rosemary's Delight is not just for your chicken and other poultry (But we do recommend it!)  Drizzle over roasted potatoes or brussel sprouts ! 
Santiago Cilantro takes pizza to a whole new dimension! Also great on grilled chicken or shrimp!