How It All Started

It all begins during the early 90's, while on a sales and marketing assignment in the Northern California Wine Country, an old recipe came into my possession.

I was staying in a lovely bed and breakfast in Sonoma County. LIKE most B&Bs there was a lending library. Having always loved the classics I picked up the copy of Steinbeck's “The Grapes of Wrath.”

While reading the book during my flight home I found an old thank you note tucked away into the pages. Curiosity got the better of me and I opened the envelope simply addressed to “R”.


Thank you for opening your lovely home to us. The dinner was equal to any that I have experienced in San Francisco. I have copied great grandmother Rozella's wine drizzle recipe from the old country, as I know it will be delightful made from your wines.Thank you for your wonderful hospitality.


I found the note to be quaint and used it as a bookmark while reading the book. When I returned home I placed the book complete with thank you note and dripple recipe on my bookshelf.

As life moves forward at warp speed I simply forgot about the handwritten note from long ago. During the fall of 2012 while visiting the Sonoma wine country, I had a mental flash back to my former life, the B&B, the book and the dripple recipe. I suddenly felt exhausted after the long day's work and the end result of finding the long lost drizzle recipe.

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