Get Drizzled Terms and Conditions

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Our products are made in our Missouri certified kitchen and we guarantee that they will be of the highest quality when you receive them.  The contents of our products are listed on all containers which are purchased in retail locations.  

There are a variety of "drizzle" and related product flavors, some sweet, some savory and a host in between.  Our products contain sugar and corn syrup so, indeed, expect them to be sweet.  Sweetness is a very individual taste and so the taste of the product is dependent on the individual's senses.  Diabetics should consume (or not consume!) this product as they would any high sugar product. 

Many of our products are made with wine, beer and other alcoholic products and though the alcohol has been cooked out, the flavor remains. 

Returning a product because one does not like the flavor will be considered a frivolous return and will not be refunded.  Flavor is very dependent on individual taste.  If you have shipped it back to us, you will have to pay to have the product returned to you--if there is any left. (Totally consuming a product and then saying you didn't like it, is also a reason for not granting a refund.)  

Containers broken in shipment will be handled per the individual carrier's policy.  Save your packaging.  Take photos of how it arrived.  Notify us immediately-meaning the same day at 360-316-9290 and [email protected]
Red wine, mushroom and onion drizzle on beef