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Obviously from  our other pages, you can use our drizzle products on just about anything but sometimes we and our customers come up with recipes and uses that you just might not think about otherwise, so here they are!  Become an instant gourmet!
Try our Almond Champagne Drizzle in COFFEE!  With our new triangular bottles this would make a wonderful AND inexpensive gift.

Blackberry Merlot starts the day off right as a topping for oatmeal. Use it on crepes, pancake, waffles, on ice cream, on pound and angel food cake and use it over cheese cake.

Candy Apple makes everyday feel like Christmas morning when you have it over a warm buttered biscuit.

Jumpstart your morning with either Carolina's Carmel or Terre Beau's Chardonel Carmel in your coffee.

Garlic and White Wine and Creamy Parmesean Drizzle are extremely versatile. Try it as a dipping drizzle for breadsticks, over pasta, in potatoes, over fish and chicken before or after baking, in mashed potatoes, bake it on French bread and use it over vegetables.

Take our Honey Whisky Drizzle add it to a burger near the end of cooking!  You will have a GREAT drunken burger

Jalapeno Drizzle with cream cheese and crackers is the easy and perfect appetizer, plus it is great over grilled chicken and fish, nachos, shrimp and prawns.  Use it on sandwiches, burgers and hot dogs.  Mix it into hanberger meat before cooking.  Make meatballs with it or dip them in it afterwards.

Peach Cobbler is great as a flavoring in iced tea, on ice cream, shishkabobs, pork chops and ham.

Pucker Up Baby(lemon) makes an interesting at home version of the ever popular lemon chicken Asian dish.

Raspberry Chipolte makes a unique and wonderful salad dressing and over steak.

Rosemary and Garlic Drizzle over fish and chicken and anywhere else you would use rosemary.

Santiago Cilantro Drizzle brings a new dimension to everyday pizza.

Use our Terre Beau Chardonel Citrus Wine Drizzle on shrimp.

Terre Beau Purple Haze makes chocolate brownies come alive with flavor, plus it is good on either vanilla or chocolate icecream.

Fruit and sweeter drizzles:  Us them in crepes and over pancakes and waffles.  Pour them over pound cakes and angel food cakes.  Makes a great topping for cheese cake and ice cream.  Use them in oatmeal. Add a little vinegar to taste for an amazingly flavorful salad dressing.  Mango Pineapple is great over fish before or after baking and over shrimp. Use Cherry drizzle over ham too.

These are just a few of the tried and true uses for drizzle.  All it takes is a bottle and just imagine the wonderful culinary possibilities.

Bon Appetite