Wine Drizzle Flavors

Non alcohol based drizzle

Apple Cider drizzle ( Seasonal)
Candy Apple drizzle ( Seasonal) 
Jalapeño drizzle
Jalapeño Mango drizzle
Jalapeño Peach drizzle
Jalapeño Pineapple drizzle
Jalapeño Raspberry drizzle

Alcohol  based drizzle

Almond Champaign drizzle
Apple Pie (Seasonal)
Apple Smoked Whiskey drizzle
Bananas Foster wine drizzle (saesonal)
Beer drizzle
Blackberry Merlot drizzle
Bushwhacker's Norton Grilled Onion and Garlic (only at Bushwhacker Bend)
Carolina's Caramel (chardonnay, brown sugar and caramel)
Carolina's Mole
Chardonnay drizzle
Cherries Crosby (Red burgundy, vanilla, Bing cherries)
Cherries Jubilee (White zinfandel and Bing cherries) 
Christmas Pear ( white wine and pear with Christmas spices) Seasonal  
Chocolate Blueberry
Chocolate Champaign drizzle (Seasonal available November)
Chocolate Covered Cherries
Cholate Pomegranate
Creamy Parmesan 
Garlic Rosemary Cabenet
Honey whiskey drizzle (available at Bushwhacker Bend's or retail only)
Honey smoked whiskey  (available at Bushwhacker Bend's or retail only)
I Found My Thrill (blueberry and Chablis)
It's to Die For Steak Drizzle
Key Lime Pie
Lemon Chiffon Pie
Mango Pineapple drizzle
Mulled Red Wine drizzle (Seasonal)
Peach Cobbler Wine Drizzle
Peach Raspberry Chipolte
Prickly Pear Jalapeno
Pucker Up Baby (Lemon)
Pumpkin Pie white wine drizzle (Seasonal)
Red moscato wine drizzle
Red Velvet (chocolate and red wine)
Ropsemary's Delight (Rosemary, garlic  and red wine)
Raspberry Chipolte White Wine Drizzle
Santiago Cilantro Drizzle 
Strawberry Mango Muscato Wine Drizzle
Strawberry Prickly Pear
Atrawberry Sriracha
Sun Dried Tomato Basil
Terre Beau Badda Bing Wine drizzle (bing cherry and Cannonball Red) available at winery
Terre Beau Chardonel Caramel drizzle (available at Terre Beau Winery)
Terre Beau Frontier Lady wild berry drizzle (available at Terre Beau Winery)
Terre Beau Frontier Lady peach cobbler drizzle (available at Terre Beau Winery)
Terre Beau Frontier Lady white wine and garlic drizzle (available at Terre Beau Winery)
Terre Beau Tulipana's Mexican Stuff (available at Terre Beau Winery)
Terre Beau Purple Haze (Lavender and Cannonball Red)available at Terre Beau Winery 
White wine and Garlic drizzle
White wine and Pear drizzle
White wine and Raspberry drizzle
White Zinfandel drizzle

Custom drizzle available upon request
Minimums may apply.  Call Carol for a quotation at 360-316-9290.

Come, get creative with your custom creations.  Do you have a favorite wine that you would like to supply us with in order to make drizzle?  What unique flavors does you gift recipient love?  Brainstorm with us!!

Prices are subject to change as we add new products, sizes and items such as flavored sugars, salts and other items.  Below is just a sampling of what we have created.


Wholesale inquires welcome. Call Carol at 316-360-9290.

Get Drizzled Products, Prices and Retail Locations

Questions? Phone 360-316-9290
Central Time 
Jorge dipping into the white wine and pineapple drizzle with Manzanillo's traditional puffed wheat chips.
Retail Locations

Bushwhacker Bend Winery
515 First Street
Glasgow, MO 65254

Country Living General Store
216 West Main 
Washington, Mo 63090

La Bella Vineyards and Winery
11644 Flournoy School Rd 
Wellington, MO 64097 
Phone: (816) 240-2404

Restored Treasures
202 Main St.
Concordia, MO 64020 

Square Corner
26 N Jefferson Ave.  (On the square)
Marshall, MO

Terre Beau Winery
100 South Lynn
Dover, Missouri 64022
Phone: (660) 259-3010

The Cheese Store
100 N Locust St
Sweet Springs, MO 65351-1114
Phone: (660) 335-6758

Treasured Blessings
205A N Holden St
Warrensburg, Missouri
(660) 747-0470

Drizzle display at Gold Diggers 4/19/13
Shrimp with Terre Beau Chardonel Citrus Wine Drizzle
Here are some of our new cylinder bottles shown at the After Work Sip and Shop on 4/18/14 in Sedalia, MO.
Look at just some of the drizzle choices and sizes for 2015!
For currently available flavors,
 sizes and prices: