Get Drizzled's exclusive "Wine Drizzle" is a unique wine topping for a variety of food from pancakes and crepes to cream cheese, sponge or vanilla cake, ice cream, oatmeal or your finger. They can be used as flavorful toppings, glazes and dips too. There are both sweet and savory varieties!  Just see the photos! 

All of Get Drizzled's Custom Wine Drizzles are  true wine reduction sauces, which means they are non- alcoholic due to the cooking process so anyone can enjoy them straight out of the bottle.

 Please explore the flavors on the products page above.  Only your imagination will limit the uses of our wine drizzle! 

Custom red wine and strawberry drizzle on salad. 
White wine and pineapple drizzle used as party dip. This was created on location in Manzanillo, Mexico.

White wine and pineapple-mango drizzle on salad.
White wine, mango and pineapple
drizzle on baked salmon.  Note the carmalization.
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Our signature bottles.
Custom red wine and strawberry drizzle on salad. 
An Introduction to Wine Drizzle from its founder and CEO, Carol Rodriguez.
Peppers for Jalapeno Drizzle!!
Hi! I'm Happy Jalapeno! I am overjoyed to be joining my friends and family in the next batch of Peach Jalapeno! I was born this way, and have not been photo-shopped or chemically altered. 
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